Will Call Policy


To establish a policy that defines pick-up time criteria for passengers needing a return trip who did not preschedule the trip.


A Will Call is an Optional ADA service when a passenger books a pick-up time for a trip and advises the Sun Van reservationist that a Will Call is needed for the return trip because the exact time of the return trip is unknown (e.g., returning after a medical appointment).

The Will Call is activated when the passenger phones in and informs a Sun Van dispatcher they are ready to be picked up for their return trip.

Since Will Calls cause scheduling issues, once the passenger calls that he/she is ready for their return, the actual pick-up time may be longer than for those passengers who scheduled their return trips in advance. As an optional ADA service, Will Calls will be picked up within one hundred twenty (120) minutes from the requested time.

Passengers may request no more than one Will Call for each scheduled one-way trip. Sun Van will not honor Will Call requests made after 6:00 PM.