Same Day Ride Policy


To establish a policy that defines criteria for passengers needing a Same Day Ride who did not preschedule their trip..


A Same Day Ride is an Optional ADA service when a passenger books a ride that is provided on the same day as the ride request is made. Same Day Rides are only provided on a "space available" basis. In addition, they are not the same as a Will Call request and are not a guaranteed ride.

Generally, it is most difficult for the Sun Van to accommodate a same day request during the peak travel times (7:00 am to 9:00 am) and (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm). Therefore, passengers needing a Same Day Ride are urged to request a Same Day Ride during non-peak hours.

Passengers seeking a Same Day Ride should call the dispatcher and request a "Same Day Ride". Passengers should provide the dispatcher with their destination, pick-up time and drop-off time. The dispatcher may ask the passenger if travel times are flexible. Generally, greater flexibility will make it more likely that the passenger's Same Day Ride request will be able to be accommodated.

The dispatcher will enter the passenger's information into a computer program that is reviewed by dispatchers throughout the day. If space becomes available, a dispatcher will call to confirm the passenger's destination, pick-up time and drop-off time.

If no space is available the dispatcher will notify the passenger before their requested ride time. Availability for Same Day Rides may change throughout the day as other trips are added or cancelled.

A passenger may call the dispatcher to check on the status of their Same Day Ride request.

Same Day Rides have the same "pick up window" as other Sun Van trips.


Last Revised: June 2012