Origin-to-Destination Policy (Scope of Driver Assistance)


To establish a policy that meets the requirements of the Federal Transit Administration's guidance for providing Origin-to-Destination Service for ADA-paratransit-eligible persons. While this document shall serve as a Curb-to-Curb Service policy, it is understood that there will be cases which will require Sun Van to go beyond Curb-to-Curb Service. This policy deals with those situations on an as-needed basis.


Sun Van will provide Curb-to-Curb Complementary ADA and Premium Paratransit Service. This means that passengers will meet the van at the curb near the pick-up address, and will be left at the curb near their destination address. Passengers are expected to get to the curb at the pick-up point and from the curb at the destination point on their own. If the passenger has a disability that requires assistance in traveling to or from the curb, that passenger is to arrange for a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to provide the needed assistance.

In isolated situations where the passenger's disability necessitates assistance to or from the curb and the passenger is without a PCA, then the Sun Van driver will assist the passenger from the entrance of the pick-up location to and on the bus. The driver will also assist the passenger off the bus and to the entrance of the destination, unless this will take the driver out of sight of the vehicle, or there is an unsafe condition. Passengers are to let Sun Van know at the time the trip is booked that they will need additional assistance and do not have access to a PCA.

The Sun Van drivers are expected to offer and provide assistance as needed for passengers boarding and/or exiting the bus. This includes assistance in climbing the steps of the bus, deploying the lift or ramp, and assistance for both ambulatory passengers and those in common wheelchairs.

While driver assistance in boarding or exiting the bus is routine and customary, any assistance beyond the curb is an exception and is provided only to passengers whose disabilities necessitate such extra assistance. Passengers knowing they will need extra assistance should inform Sun Van of this at the time the trip is booked. However, in providing assistance beyond the curb, the driver is never expected to place himself or herself, or the customer in danger (i.e., pushing/pulling/lifting weights that strain the driver, traveling over threatening or potentially harmful terrain, slippery surfaces, etc.).

Passengers requiring additional assistance on a regular basis must provide this information as part of the application process for complementary ADA paratransit eligibility or at the time that a change in circumstances makes the regular provision of additional assistance necessary.

When using Sun Van, all passengers need to ensure that all sores and open wounds are properly covered. Any passenger, including passengers with disabilities, may be refused access to public transportation if visible leakage of body fluid is occurring while at the pick-up location. The passenger may also be requested to exit the vehicle if leakage occurs after they have boarded as such leakage can create a biohazard to other passengers. Even when covered, the existence of wounds and sores may limit securing a mobility device on all securement points. If the sores and wounds are properly covered, the operator shall secure as many points as possible and transport the passenger.

At no time will a driver be permitted to leave his/her vehicle unattended by losing sight of that vehicle or take any action that would clearly be unsafe. Drivers will at no time provide services that exceed Door-to-Door Service.

When the passenger is transported to facilities with multiple entrances, such as a mall or hospital, the driver may drop off the passenger at any safe location of the passenger's choosing. However, the driver is to inform the passenger of the designated pick-up point and advise the passenger of his or her responsibility to be at that specific pick-up point during the entire thirty (30) minute pick-up window.