ADA Service Trips Without Denial


To establish a policy for Sun Van to meet complementary ADA-paratransit-eligible passengers' trip requests, with a monthly denial rate of 0% for ADA-eligible trips.


Sun Van will accommodate each trip request from ADA-eligible passengers on an advance reservation basis, to and from destinations within the designated Sun Van service area and service times. A trip denial is defined as any of the following:

  • When Sun Van is unable to schedule the requested trip on the day that the client is requesting.
  • When the trip is scheduled more than one hour before or after the requested pick-up time.
  • When the customer requests a round trip and Sun Van is only able to schedule one leg of the trip and is unable either to schedule the other trip at all, or can only schedule the other leg of the trip more than one hour before or after the requested pick-up time, even if the customer declines or cancels the offered trip.

If the requested trip is an Optional ADA service, then any inability to schedule such a request or meet the time limits, will not be counted or reported as an ADA trip denial, but would be counted for statistical purposes as an Optional ADA service trip denial.